Friday, November 04, 2005

mixed feelings

im starting to really like diet sunkist and i have mixed feelings about it. you know how like when u get heartbroken and it hurts and all you want is for it to go away but then you start to not feel heartbroken anymore and you start to miss feeling so much for someone...yeah well thats how i feel now. i love diet sunkist. it is sexii. and it tastes good. and has an awesome color!!!111!!!!@@ but...i remember the days of me and pepsi one. those hot summer nights when a cold pepsi one was ecstacy. all those crappy mornings when pepsi one would glimmer at me and make it easier to wake up. *sigh*

diet sunkist will never be my pepsi one, but its a new adventure and will be special in its own way. long live diet sunkist. may it please never go splenda.


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