Sunday, September 11, 2005

i think...

that after what i found out yesterday, i will have to stop drinking pepsi one. the time has come for me to accept that my beloved pepsi one with aspartame and ace-K is dead; mutilated into an evil doppelganger known as pepsi one with splenda. i hate splenda. stupid...dumb...splenda. i don't want to drink something that has never been tested on humans! i don't wanna drink something that makes lab rats have a shrunken thymus!!!! i hate calcification!!! i hate chlorocarbons!!!1 ahhh im depressed. i need a pepsi one.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

omg this site rules. i am going to add it to my links section. you should all check it out!!! like now!

pepsi one is trying to kill me!!!111

a simple google search for splenda yeilds a whole bunch of anti-splenda sites. 5 of 10 of the top google hits are anti-splenda. i can't believe it. i am not alone. everyone hates splenda! and i read some nasty stuff about it, too. stuff like it hasn't even been tested on humans, that it causes health problems in lab rats, that it is a chemical that is absorbed by the body, that it is made from chlorine! wtf are they feeding us? why is this shit allowed by the FDA? pepsi one is killing me!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

sprite zero

it's been a few days since my last update and a lot of things have happened. most importantly, i went to publix a few days ago to get some soda and they had their usual sale on 12 packs. i was not pleased that a) the sale was for coke products and b) they didn't even have any coke zero. i was very perplexed about what i should do. get 3 packs of coke products (minus coke zero) for $8.00 or spend $3.89 per pack for pepsi products. since i am broke lately, i went for the coke. much to my surprise, i have taken a serious liking to diet sprite. not only does it have a nice flavor and good carbonation, but since it is clear it doesn't stain your teeth like cola can. so much to my surprise, i am very pleased with diet sprite. maybe i will give diet slice a try and see if i like that better.