Thursday, August 25, 2005


today, dave got me a pepsi one for lunch. it was a nice gesture, but too bad it wasn't the 0ld sk00l peps1 0n3!!!111

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


i had a pepsi one with lunch today. it went without incident and was otherwise unremarkable.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

late night

it's like almost 2:30 am and i am drinking a pepsi one and it fucXing sUXxx0rs!!!1!11 i hate it it so fucXing gr0sss!!!1111oneone its not even flat it just has this whole nastii fucXing splenda taste i want splenda to d1e d1eee!!!@@!!!!!111

Saturday, August 20, 2005


i think the leading candidate to fill the void created when pepsi one changed is diet pepsi with lime. coke zero is also a possibility.


i finished off a 12 pack of pepsi one today. i am almost happy that it is gone. i am again considering a permanent switch to coke zero. it tastes like coke. coke sucks tho. i like pepsi. but diet pepsi sucks, too. oh why does God hate me?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

pepsi one chat

N: what's the difference between diet pepsi and pepsi one?
me: umm
me: everything!!!!111
N: they're both diet versions of pepsi.
me: yeah but one is better
me: or it was. now it sucks
N: so diet pepsi is what? saccarin?
me: aspartame
me: but it sucks
N: but pepsi one WAS aspartame and didn't suck?
me: yes aspartame + ace-K or sum shyt
me: it was special
me: now it tastes like fucking pis and sweetner
N: i'm still stuck on why pepsi had two aspartame versions.
me: it was the diet soda that didnt taste diet
me: it had bite
N: ok, whatev... you fags go and drink your pepsi while the coke people continue to run the world as we always have.
me: cocksucker
me: well coek stole pepsi ones formula aspartame + ace-K
me: and now have coke zero
me: which tastes like coke!!!111
me: they took it from pepsi oneee!!!1 it piss meh off so00 fucxin much!!113w32
N: so just drink coke, fag.
me: no
me: coke zero sucks not as hard as the new pepsi one but it still sucks
N: you're mad at coke for making a drink that tastes like coke.
N: you people are insane.
me: im mad at coke for stealing pepsi ones origi9nal recipe and making it taste more like coke
me: im madder at pepsi for letting them

Monday, August 15, 2005

diet pepsi

i am like a lost puppy wandering hopelessly without a favorite beverage. last night, i bought a 12 pack of diet pepsi, hoping to begin life anew with pepsi's flagship aspartame product. ii had one this morning on the way to work and again with my lunch. it sucks. i long for the pepsi one of old.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

hungover with pepsi one

i am a little hungover and so naturally i have been very thirsty all day. i got myself a nice, cold, can of pepsi one and gulped it down, hoping for a reprieve from the cotton mouth. instead, the pastiness in my mouth is tinged with the splenda aftertaste. it won't go away! so now i am stuck with a half empty can of pepsi one that is probably going to go flat coz i am not in the mood for it anymore. what a waste.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


this is a blog to document how sucky pepsi one with splenda is. i wish to educate the world on why the new pepsi one is disgusting and why the old pepsi one with aspartame kicks ass. for example, as i am writing this introductory entry, i am drinking pepsi one and it totally sucks. it has gotten warm and flat and that makes the splenda taste even stronger. in three words, i hate it it fucking sucks and i wish they would bring back the aspartame version of pepsi one!!!!!!11111oneone