Wednesday, August 17, 2005

pepsi one chat

N: what's the difference between diet pepsi and pepsi one?
me: umm
me: everything!!!!111
N: they're both diet versions of pepsi.
me: yeah but one is better
me: or it was. now it sucks
N: so diet pepsi is what? saccarin?
me: aspartame
me: but it sucks
N: but pepsi one WAS aspartame and didn't suck?
me: yes aspartame + ace-K or sum shyt
me: it was special
me: now it tastes like fucking pis and sweetner
N: i'm still stuck on why pepsi had two aspartame versions.
me: it was the diet soda that didnt taste diet
me: it had bite
N: ok, whatev... you fags go and drink your pepsi while the coke people continue to run the world as we always have.
me: cocksucker
me: well coek stole pepsi ones formula aspartame + ace-K
me: and now have coke zero
me: which tastes like coke!!!111
me: they took it from pepsi oneee!!!1 it piss meh off so00 fucxin much!!113w32
N: so just drink coke, fag.
me: no
me: coke zero sucks not as hard as the new pepsi one but it still sucks
N: you're mad at coke for making a drink that tastes like coke.
N: you people are insane.
me: im mad at coke for stealing pepsi ones origi9nal recipe and making it taste more like coke
me: im madder at pepsi for letting them


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are both insane!! diet rc like t0tally r0x0r5!!!!!11!!1111

12:36 AM  
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